Breguet: Manufacturing Luxury Since 1775

Founding father A.L. Breguet sets up his eponymous business in the traditional Parisian watchmakers’ district, the Quai de l’Horloge. The next few decades see a successive series of firsts from Breguet: the first self-winding watches, known as ‘perpétuelles’; the invention of the gong spring; the creation of the first hand-engraved guilloché dials. By the mid nineteenth century, Breguet continued to embody watchmaking excellence, creating the first watch with keyless winding and the patented ‘sympathetique clock’.

By the twentieth century, the uniquely rendered designs from Breguet’s skilled artisans had gathered admiration from all facets of society. Both Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill owned a Breguet timepiece, confirming their celebrity status. By the 1970s, Breguet had launched a new range of classic, high-end wristwatches that soon achieved iconic status. The twenty-first century sees further innovation from Bruguet, including a patented moon phase mechanism and a unique alarm-watch design.

A Sample From the collection

  • The Yellow Gold Héritage: With the trademark Bruguet tonneau-shaped case, the 18 carat golden dial is embedded with 204 brilliant diamonds. A silvered gold dial is hand-engraved on a rose engine base.
  • The Classique: This timepiece features a self-winding patented perpetual calendar mechanism. The 18 carat yellow gold case contrasts with the silvered gold dial and tan alligator leather strap.
  • The 5857BR/Z2/5ZU: This brand new model features a burnished golden case with embellished fine fluting. An 18 carat gold dial is coated with ebony rhodium, sculpted in a wave pattern.
  • The Marine In Steel: This naval themed wristwatch combines masculinity with military precision. An engine-turned blued gold dial is offset by patented Breguet luminous hands.
  • The Tourbillon Messidor: The height of sophistication, this timepiece in 18 carat rose gold features a dial with pink gold ornaments, with an open-worked handwound movement.

Five Innovations From Breguet

1795: Breguet develops the perpetual motion calendar.

1801: Breguet patents the world’s first tourbillon regulator, starting a rich horological tradition.

1810: The Queen of Naples commissions Breguet to create the first wristwatch.

1819: Breguet invents the ocular of an astronomical telescope, allowing the measurement of ‘tenths of seconds’

1991: Breguet patents a wristwatch with the perpetual equation of time.

Contact Details

Ontres Breguet SA – CH
1344 L’Abbaye


If you are interested in watchmaking the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking runs three watchmaking schools of watchmaking in the USA, Hong Kong and China where it is possible to learn the craft of watchmaking.

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