The Cheapest three things to do in the Renaissance capital.

Firenze’s Duomo

The Duomo of Florence was planned by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the 13th Century and is, without doubt, one of Florence’s most recognizable tourist attractions. On the death of Cambio in 1302 progress on the cathedral ground to a halt. It was not until thirty years later that the Italian artist Giotto agreed to continue working on the Duomo, he only managed to complete the bell-tower before his death in 1337.

It was another 27 years when the old cathedral was taken down and a new one started. This some one-hundred years after the initial plans were drawn up. Filippo Brunelleschi was engaged to project manage the great dome (the Cupola) of the cathedral which was in fact formed by way of of two dome’s, one dome can be seen in all its glory from the outside and another which can be seen from the interior of the cathedral. On the inner dome frescoes by Paolo Uccello decorate the cupola.It was not until 1436, some one-hundred and thiry-six years after the project was started that the cathedral was finally completed.

Giotto’s Belfry

Giotto’s Bell-Tower is an single-standing belfry that is positioned in the Piazza del Duomo of Florence, Italy. It is placed right next to the Firenze’s Duomo and is one of the most striking examples of Florentine Gothic Architecture from the noted designer Giotto. It is 84.7 metres high and is supported by four buttresses on each corner. Giotto never saw the Bell Tower completed, he worked on the project from 1334 until his death in 1337, thus only seing the 1st floor finished. The marble used in the bell tower comes from Carrara (white), Prato (green) and Siena (red).

The panorama of Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazzale Michelangelo provides the only view for tourists coming to Florence. It has everything, the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and the foothills of Fiesole as its backdrop. The main square is approximately 100 metres square, with the main portion assigned for cars and buses that park up to allow tourists to take in this exceptional view. In the hottest months the Plaza has a scattering of market booths and traders that sell an variety of handbags and keepsakes. If it’s a clear sunny day in Florence you simply must go to Piazzale Michelangelo because there is nothing quite like it in the World, and it will leave on you a long-lasting impression. There’s also a cafe in the Piazza from which you can take in the view while enjoying a Coffee Cappuccino or cocktail.

Needless to say that wherever tourism is popular during the evening you need to be especially open-eyed against thieves. You’ll also find a greater number of market stalls springing up as well as local artists selling their works. The evening view is one for happy couples, perched out on the steps looking down over the town, but it’s really on a clear bright sunny day or towards the hours of sunset that the Piazza really glows. You can read more about Discover Tuscany on this dedicated resource pages.

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