Buying Cashmere

A buyers guide for Cashmere Tops – The Perfect Way to Make a Fashion Statement

When most think of Cashmere, they may think of the luxurious look and feel of the fabric, most however won’t be familiar with the history.

Cashmere is a type of wool obtained from the Cashmere goat (and certain other types of goats), primarily exported from Pakistan and China, the fabric is known for its light weight and excellent insulating properties.

Cashmere tops (traditionally) come in scoop neck, turtleneck, V-neck and Henley, while in its original form cashmere will likely be white or light grey, you’ll find it manufactured in the bright colors of summer and the more subtle shades of fall and winter. Cashmere is timeless, and while the design may change, the fabric will endure.

A cashmere top of quality, no matter your choice of style and color will bestow a warmth and pleasure that need to be experienced. Cashmere, like most fine things, comes in a variety of grades and prices, and while price is naturally a consideration, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Why? Cashmere, like any material will eventually require washing, and once washed several times, the true value of your purchase comes to light. Quality cashmere (100% pure Scottish Cashmere) will maintain its shape while lesser grades struggle and rarely measure up. You “get what you pay for” is certainly true when shopping for Cashmere tops or any type of quality clothing.


FACT: Cashmere is normally harvested in the spring when the goats no longer require their winter coats. The hair is then graded and dispersed to multiple manufacturers with only the finest being sent to the weavers in Scotland.

FABRIC CARE: When you purchase Cashmere tops, you’re purchasing fine clothing that (if properly cared for) can last for years. Hand washing and air drying is recommended for the fabric to remain crease free. A cool iron and a light touch can be used with moderation.

COST: Cashmere tops, sweaters and clothing will not likely to be found hanging in a thrift store, rather displayed prominently in high end retail stores with a price tag to match.

SCARSITY: Today’s economy moves rapidly, but is still driven by supply and demand. Nature has given the Cashmere goats of Pakistan and China the ability to withstand the coldest winters, and it is this “under hair” (the hair that provides the insulation) that commands top dollar world-wide. Each Cashmere goat yields approximately 150 grams or less; compared with a sheep which yields (on average) between 100 and 300 pounds of wool per year.


Like anything of rarity and value – for example men’s cashmere sweaters – a person wears a Cashmere top with pride, soft to the skin, luxurious and elegant, it is at once light to the touch, and uniquely warm and insulating. It’s said that “clothes make the man” and with cashmere that is decisively true.

The Internet has certainly changed the way we shop and while finding your perfect cashmere top can now happen with a “click and compare”; your choice may have begun life in the frigid winters of Asia, but it has come of age, designed by the fashion elite distributed worldwide and worn by anyone with an eye toward comfort and elegance.

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