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Wearing Organic Knitwear |

Wearing Organic Knitwear

When winter arrives we all want to reach for the cosy knitwear and wrap up warm and with so much stylish and cheap knitwear available both online and on the high street we can afford to stock up this winter. What we don’t know is what we are really putting on our skin when we buy non organic wool and cotton. To help you understand the advantages of wearing organic knitwear we have decided to give you a bit of knowledge on the organic knitwear industry.

Helping the environment

Organic cotton and wool are produced in ways that do not harm the environment. They are natural, renewable and biodegradable fibres which are of course, eco-friendly. The production of non-organic cotton is a huge source of global environmental pollution; it uses a staggering one quarter of the world’s insecticides and around ten per cent of the world’s pesticides. Organic cotton is not made from non-genetically modified plants which do not use toxic fertilizers or pesticides as these can be very harmful (this benefits you too, but we’ll mention that later). Non-organic cotton also costs twice as much to produce as organic cotton.

Helping the people.

When you buy an item of organic clothing you are actually helping the workers that have made your garment. Organic cotton is produced in factories that are well maintained and that look after their employees. Clothing manufacturing can often cause harm to the workers as they are constantly surrounded by toxic chemicals that are bad for their health, it can also cause death which is unfair on the innocent workers that are trying to make a living. Instead of causing harm to its workers organic manufacturing factories must comply with the expectations of the International Labour Organisation. Workers all receive minimum wage, good working hours and they are against child labour.

How does it help you?

Although your clothes do not feel hazardous when you first buy and wear them, you may be unaware that they contain harmful chemicals that can cause rashes, allergies, it can be particularly harmful to babies so buying organic knitwear this winter could really benefit you. So if your clothes make you itch or come out in red rashes it may be because it is made from non-organic cotton or wool.

Organic wool

Organic wool has all the benefits of organic cotton except it also benefits animals too. Wool is made from sheep and in the organic wool industry they are treated with care. The sheep are free to live their normal lifestyle in large open spaces with fresh air and food, they are not exposed to harmful chemicals and they are kept in good farming conditions. It is more expensive to produce but it is worth it to keep the animal welfare to a high standard.

Swapping non-organic knitwear materials for organic this winter can make all the difference to your health and also the workers and animals health. It will improve society in poor developing countries and you will most definitely be doing your bit to help improve the environment.  You can keep warm this winter and be eco-friendly at the same time with high quality organic knitwear.


Guest post contributed by Beaumont Organic. Beaumont provide high quality, eco friendly organic clothing and are very involved in helping save the environment.