Malt for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching many will be racking their brain for gift ideas for what to get for friends and loved ones. But should you opt for the quick, easy and often impersonal option, or should you spend a lot of time and effort thinking of some good ideas and searching around for the best gift.

It is a tricky situation, on one hand you can get them a generic piece of ‘tat’ that will probably cost very little in terms of time and money but usually gifts like these are only ever used once on the day that they are received before being resigned to the back of a cupboard or a recycling bin somewhere. Just think of every Christmas gift that you have ever been handed disguised in sparkly wrapping paper. You know it’s not going to be a new I-pod or a shiny new piece of jewellery but still you can’t help but feel excited, after all it is Christmas and someone has went out of their way to get you a gift. You tear the paper off, excitement building still further to find a Picasso-like face of Rudolph staring back at you. In an instant the magic of Christmas seems lost forever but at risk of hurting anyone’s feelings and ruining what should be a special day you say words to the effect of “It’s just what I wanted”, and continue to spend the rest of the day with the ill-fitting, itchy rag hanging from around your neck.

Of course this sounds totally ungrateful and in this situation I would stress the importance of the old saying “It is the thought that counts”. However regardless just how far up the moral high ground we climb most of us still have a small child inside of us who is really disappointed it wasn’t a video game.

So what should we getting for them then? Granted handing someone a bottle of plonk screams “last minute gift shopping”, but if we gave it just a bit more consideration we would have find the perfect gift. That’s exactly why you should get them a single malt Scottish Whisky. Not only do Scottish single malts have an established reputation for their high quality, but with such a variety to choose from you will certainly find one thats character matches the person you are giving it to. You don’t have to be a Whisky connoisseur to find the right one; on top of the online reviews there are an abundance of Whisky shops that offer tasting sessions and that will help you select the perfect dram.

It may even be worth your while to go on a tour of a whiskey distillery as a bit of research in order to better understand the qualities of the spirit that will best appeal to the luck recipient. Many run tours throughout the day and the knowledge you pick up will enable you to appreciate your spirit all the more.

It’s got to be better than getting a light-up plastic Santa anyway.

This is a guest post by a Lover of Whiskies from all over the world. For more information and reviews of spirits follow me on twitter.

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