Buyer’s Guide to Men’s Hoodies

Men’s designer sweatshirts hoodies have come of age and you’ll find them worn by men, women, toddlers, sports legends and A-List celebrities. They may have begun life (see history note below) with a gangsta image, but those roots have been long been eclipsed by what is at once, fashionable, comfortable and trendy.


HISTORY NOTE: The hoodie (actually a hooded sweatshirt) was created in the 1930s to be a practical and inexpensive article of clothing. Champion was the initial manufacturer, creating them for laborers working in the cold climate of upstate New York in winter. Over the years the hoodie evolved, being worn by athletes as they worked out, rappers and skaters making a statement and Sylvester Stallone in the original “Rocky”. Over the years the practicality has proven its worth and the hoodie is now a mainstay of fashion, carried by top level designers with a price tag to match.


These days if you’re wearing a hoodie, you may be part of Generation X, Y or Z, or a grandparent guarding against the morning chill. While a few of the trendy brands include Christian Audigier, LRG, and BAPE (Bathing Ape), you can find less expensive brands hanging at discount stores (both on and offline) nation and worldwide.

In the past rappers and skaters (going for the gangsta look) wore their hoodie big and baggy, accessorized with a baseball cap (usually turned backwards) or sweat band. And while those guys are still abundant, times have changed. Today’s hoodie has crossed genders, generations and styles to become a mainstay of fashion, keeping grandparents warm, young women fashionable (women’s styles are more tailored and designed to fit the female frame) and guys a fast and easy way to look good.

Hoodies can be found on college campuses (often worn under a blazer), at the beach as tanned surfers take refuge from a cool wind (brands include Element, Billabong, and Hurley), or simply lazing around on a quiet Sunday morning with family and friends, the limits or boundaries hoodies have blurred with time.

So What Are Designer Hoodies?

Anytime the fashion industry spots a trend (or creates one) other designers jump on the bandwagon and follow suit. And as name brand designers proliferate, so too do the higher price tag, magazine covers and acceptance as a trendy fashion item. This isn’t necessarily bad, since the higher priced hoodies (which some say tout a ridiculous price) are manufactured with care with quality and durable material, you won’t find these hoodies fading or losing a stitch easily.

And of course where fashion goes, Hollywood follows (or vice versa), so you’ll find hoodies on “A List” stars, music icons and sports legends. The hoodie (so it seems) has become a staple of fashion, with few knowing it actually dates from the 1930s.

Today’s hoodie are worn by pre-school children, soccer moms and seniors. It’s ideal for a guy to throw on for a quick market run, brisk walk, or lunch with the guys. There’s an ample selection of colors, styles, pull-over’s and zippered hoodies. If you need even more personalization, try an iron-on patch or painted logo.

It’s difficult not to be a fan of the hoodie, it’s very functional, can by a great fashion statement and extremely comfortable to wear. Guys, if you’ve haven’t already got a hoodie, what are you waiting for?

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