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5 Reasons To Swap All Your Jeans For Skinny Pairs |

5 Reasons To Swap All Your Jeans For Skinny Pairs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for past decade, you might have noticed that skinny jeans have taken over in both men and women’s fashion. Everywhere you go you see people young and old rocking slim fitting jeans. It seemed like one minute everyone was wearing flared bootcut jeans and the next moment they’d traded them in for tighter ones.

It might have seemed at first like skinny jeans would be another passing fad but evidence suggests they they’re actually here to stay. Nothing has been able to knock them from their perch – not even the rise of chinos!

Because skinny jeans are here for the long haul, it’s never too late to try them for yourself. So here are five great reasons why you should ditch your frumpy and baggy jeans and restock your wardrobe with fabulous skinnies!

1. They’re Ideal For All Occasions

The beauty of skinny jeans is that they’re highly flexible and can be worn for all different occasions. Their smart and sharp style, particularly if they’re in classic colours such as black and blue, mean they don’t just have to be worn casually on days off. A fabulous pair of skinnies can be part of an outfit for work, nights out and even on hot dates. There’s a rarely a time where wearing them would be deemed inappropriate, so make the best of it!

2. They Show Off Your Figure/Curves

Let’s be honest, baggy jeans aren’t exactly the most flattering of clothes on a lady. They cover up what makes us unique and beautiful – our curves. Gentlemen love curvy ladies, despite what the stick thin models in magazines might suggest. Skinny jeans accentuate your figure, showing off your waist, the shape of your legs and your bum. Skinnies make you feel sexy and the best way to make you look and feel great is with jeans that bring out the best in your natural beauty.

3. Skinnies Look Great With Shoes

Another big reason why ladies have been flocking to skinnies in their legions is because they allow you to get the best out of your shoes. Unlike flared trousers, which can obscure the gorgeousness of footwear, skinny fit jeans tuck in tightly just above the ankle, leaving ample space for great shoes to shine. Just about any kind of footwear is enhanced with a pair of skinny jeans. Boots, heels, shoes, sandals and even high topped trainers, they all look their greatest when paired with jeans that allow them to show off their unique style.

4. Worn By Famous People

We all look up to the stars when it comes to style tips and fashion advice – even though we like to think we’re all self-styled gurus. And if you look at what the hottest celebrities are currently wearing when papped in newspapers… yeah, you guessed it – skinny jeans! From the hippest of pop musicians to veteran actresses, there’s one thing they all have in common, and it isn’t tracksuit bottoms and sweatpants.

5. Skinny Jeans Go With Everything

If there’s one reason why skinny jeans have taken over though, it’s most likely because they look good with almost everything! No matter what lifestyle or fashion style you might subscribe to, a pair of slim jeans will look good on you. Wearing trainers and a hoodie? That’s cool. Going out in a glamorous top for a girly night out? That’s great. Dressing up smart in a shirt for work? No problem. It doesn’t matter what you wear with them, skinnies will always look amazing – especially if they’re black, the most flexible colour ever. The only thing you need worry about is colour coordination.

So by now you should be fully convinced to throw out your old jeans and replace them with skinny ones. There’s no reason to not be wearing them and they aren’t going away any time soon. So reinvent your style and join the most popular fashion phenomenon in the world. You won’t regret it!


Rachel Marsh is a fashion and beauty blogger who ditched her frumpy jeans years ago for brand new skinnies.