Beach Weddings – sand, surf, sun and love

You can now rightfully discard “wedding bells” as a metaphor of the past. Today, one might possibly be able to coin words as “wedding waves” or “wedding sun” or “wedding sand”. Yes, weddings can now include tan, sun and waves – a refreshing detour from the stringent (and often gloomy or eerie, you might say) atmosphere of a church or indoor ceremony.

The Experience

Think of the sun and the bright blue sky (or moon and stars, if you like) as witnesses to your life-long vows and it does not get any sweeter and livelier. The gentle breeze that sways all those flowing dresses, the happy eyes, the vibrant colors, the smile, the sunny aroma and the sounds of the free-flying birds and pounding waves joining in the celebration will give your wedding a liberating feel of life: a wonderful feeling of being one with nature, of being one with each other and of being one with the people who share with your joy on your big day.

Getting married on the beach can also dispel any wedding-related stresses as the view of the wide-open sea and the feel of the sand under your feet are just but among those stress-relieving features nature has to offer. More so, a beach wedding is far more toned-down in formality than in an indoor wedding and so you can have the license to be more free and natural in expressing yourself on your wedding. Of course, you cannot just shout for joy or dance or jump like crazy when inside a cathedral, for example.

The Dressing Up

The dress code in a beach wedding is as less formal as the event itself. Hence, you do not have to worry about getting a royal, diamond-studded, gold-embroidered gown or flashy jewelries to complete your wedding look. Light dresses in vibrant colors can do well with the girls and the bride. It can get hot, humid and windy on the beach so it is best not to overdress. Men can also don a fresh and comfortable look with button-down or polo shirts and linen pants. If using a suit is more preferable to your taste, it is best to use lightweight materials and a tie clip. You can forget about designer shoes in expensive price tags for you do not need anything on beach weddings except comfortable flats. Same is true with the men, for sandals or slippers are the essentials of a beach wedding.

To Wrap it Up

Beach weddings are good alternatives to traditional weddings. This is more especially so if you want to add elements of freedom, life and energy to an otherwise rigidly formal and ceremoniously quiet church or indoor wedding. Not too obvious perhaps is the fact that beach weddings are far cheaper than the typical weddings. Talk about getting more and spending less and a beach wedding will pass the criteria.

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