10 Reasons to Buy a Swiss Watch


  1. History
    For centuries the Swiss have refined the craft of producing a fine timepiece and that reputation has spread worldwide.  The industry itself appeared in the mid 16th century in Geneva, Switzerland when “Calvanism” forbid the wearing of jewels, thus those craftsmen turned their talents to the production of watchmaking.  The Watchmaker’s Guild of Geneva was established in 1601.
  2. Precision
    A watch inscribed with “Swiss Made” immediately denotes a watch of quality and speaks of the technical and artistic craftsmanship with which the watch was created.
  3. Style
    Whether you’re the CEO of a fortune 500 company, a mom busy with life and her kids, or simply someone who has good taste and refinement, a Swiss watch is available to suit your style and budget. Equally if you are interested in time then IOSW runs a series of horology courses through its watchmaking schools based in the Texas, USA and Hong Kong.
  4. Prestige
    Like driving a fine automobile, wearing a watch that says “Swiss Made” denotes you are a person of refined taste, enjoying the finer things in life.
  5. Resale Value
    While no one can accurately predict the “after market” for a Swiss watch, many limited edition watches have retained or increased their value over time.
  6. Accuracy
    While no watch keeps perfect time, selected Swiss made watches have proven accurate to 3 seconds per year in multiple tests.
  7. Tradition
    In the fast paced world of the 21st century, many of the treasures of yesteryear have vanished into time, no so with the Swiss Watch.  Through wars, social upheaval and a world at the zenith of technological change, the Swiss watch has remained a constant.  Changing, evolving, but always steeped in the centuries of tradition and excellence that has made the term “Swiss Watch” synonymous with quality.
  8. Technology
    From the beginnings of the Swiss watch making industry in 6th century Geneva, to the technological marvels of today, Swiss made watches have embraced cutting edge technology and combined it with superior artistry and craftsmanship.
  9. Selection
    While the term “Swiss Made” is used generically to denote a watch made by a Swiss based watch making company, the companies themselves each bring something unique to their timepiece.


  • Alpina – Known for their fine chronographs
  • Anonimo Firenze – Military styling and precision
  • Arnold & Son – Traditional
  • Audemars Piguet – In business since 1875, they are still owned by the founding family.
  • Ball – Futuristic appearance, precision in movement
  • Baume Mercier – Producing fine watches since 1830
  • Bedat – Young in the industry (recently celebrating their 10th anniversary)
  • Bell & Ross – Distinctive, rugged, unique
  • Bertolucci – The union of Swiss precision and Italian romance
  • Breguet – Elegance and simplicity
  • Breitling – Known for quality and accuracy
  • Bulgari – Producing timepieces since the 1940s, rose to fame in 1977
  • Cartier – Elegant and refined
  • Chanel – Unique and stylish
  • Chronoswiss – Exacting in detail
  • Corum – Stylish and unusual
  • Cuervo y Sobrinos – Wide selection of fine timepieces
  • Dubey & Schaldenbrand – Distinctive
  • Ebel – Founded in 1911, a partnership with Cartier brought them to prominence
  • Epos – Known for innovation
  • Fortis – Producing limited edition timepieces of precision
  • Franck Muller – Known for complicated watches of precision
  • Girard-Perregaux – Master of technically demanding timepieces
  • Glashutte Original – Rose to prominence after the reunification of Germany
  • Graham – Known as the father of the modern chronograph
  • Hamilton – Intricate, stylish, precise
  • Hublot – The watch of European royalty
  • IWC Schaffhausen – Elegant and minimalistic
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre – Founded in 1833, supplies parts to other watch making companies
  • JeanRichard – Affordable yet precise
  • Maurice Lacroix – Produces private label watch for third parties
  • MontBlanc
  • Omega – Established in 1848, worldwide recognition
  • Panerai – Foundation in supplying the military, they have evolved to become a worldwide brand.
  • Patek Philippe – Durable, stylish and precise
  • Paul Picot – Complex, rugged and stylish
  • Perrelet – Known for innovation
  • Roger Dubuis – Strong background in watchmaking
  • Rolex – Worldwide recognition for quality, craftsmanship, style and percison
  • Romain Jerome – Known for the moon watch
  • TAG Heuer – Widely used and recognized in official sports timekeeping
  • Tudor – For the discriminating wearer
  • Ulysse Nardin – Founded in 1846, they supplied accurate timepieces to the military
  • Zenith – Founded in 1865 they have won multiple precision awards

10. Peace of Mind
When you own an original Swiss made watch, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you own a piece of (Horology/Horlogerie) history

HOROLOGY: The science of measuring time and the timepieces that do so.
There are a multitude of reasons to own a Swiss Watch many are listed on this page, but no matter your reason, time is a precious resource and perhaps the Swiss know that better than most.

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