The Beauty and History of the Italian Language

The flag of ItalyFull of fervor and emotion, the Italian language is at its roots one of the Romance languages (derived from Latin, spoken in ancient Rome).

FACT: While the major romantic languages of note are French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian, there are perhaps as many as 25 different variations spoken worldwide by approximately 800 million people.

Learning a second language (in this case Italian) opens an entirely new world to your mind and spirit.  And while yes, it’s possible to “travel the world” only speaking your native tongue, you’ll miss many of the wonderful nuances only uncovered by those who understand the language.

There are a multitude of reasons why one should learn a second language, here’s my list of why you should consider Italian.

  1. Learning Italian can improve (or help you learn) other languages like Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  2. Italian is a language full of passion, beauty and spirit, a worthy endeavor for anyone seeking to learn a second (or third) language.
  3. When you learn Italian you will have a better understanding of the people and culture, making a visit to the country will seem like you are coming home.
  4. If you’re of Italian heritage, speaking the language allows you to communicate with family either still in Italy or possibly Grandparents who made the pilgrimage to America long ago.
  5. Between 70 and 120 million speak Italian, you’ll be vastly improving your resume when you speak the language.
  6. The Italian economy is among the largest in Europe, learning the language can help you participate in International business.
  7. (for fun) You’ll be able to impress family and friends when you order with confidence when visiting an AUTHENTIC Italian restaurant.

For me learning Italian was the fulfillment of a dream, when I was young my mother took me to visit her grandparents in Tuscany – specifically an Italian language school in Florence, with very special qualities.  I remember the rolling hills, the culture, the architecture but most importantly, the people.  I have a vivid memory of a smiling woman (my great grandmother) bouncing me on her knee and smiling.  I don’t remember what she said (didn’t speak the language at that time) but I remember the warmth and magic of the moment.  I knew that one day I’d learn the language and visit again with a new appreciation.

For me, and I hope for you also, learning Italian, or any second language will help to improve you as a person, but it can also be a smart career move.

Today the world is truly international and many companies need someone who speaks the native tongue to help with negotiations, or assist visiting clients when they visit.  Once you become fluent in Italian, you’ll be better qualified for any position (or business) that deals with Italian clothes, food or cars.
So let’s add…

8. A better understanding of Italian art history and the Renaissance period, which most historians agree began in the Tuscany area of Italy.
9. Listening to opera and understanding what they’re saying.

When you learn Italian you are acknowledging that the world is much bigger than only your community.  Whether you choose to learn Italian for business or pleasure, you’ll find it a life enriching experience.  So broaden your horizons, reach out and learn a new language, it will open your mind and might lead to a new adventure.

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