Creation Italy

One of the changes that the Tuscan region has undergone is the rebirth of old derelict farmsteads into deluxe holiday villas. These structures, some no more than a windproof shell used to sustain cattle or grain, have been converted into the most individual and desired after places from which to take a break in the region. The modifications in the countryside materialized for two reasons: first due that local farms were unable to meet the demands for produce from an ever thriving population, and 2nd, that the farmers were unable to compete on price with the larger and more centralized distribution companies (a similar change took place in the UK with the procession of Supermarkets in the early 1990s, the only difference being unfortunately that English farmers did not have the same guarantee of fair weather like the Italian’s did, on which to build a future). As the huge production plants took over food distribution, the local farmers were left pondering on how to make ends meet, and Tuscany was reborn.

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