Winter Fashion & The Art of Layering

Winter is fast beckoning and for those who are strategic enough, this is the time to gather tips and clues that could prove invaluable over the season of snow fall and ice storms. The element of fashion is particularly important when discussing about winter clothing and apparel. Many people find it difficult to dress in a stylish manner over winter more so because of the extra layers of clothing that they have to wear to make them warm. While most stores in Asia stock winter clothes for the average size, it is rare to find stores that have fashion apparel for the oversize and small bodied people. Whatever the case, there are fashion principles that can make you warm and stylish this winter. Below is a brief discussion of these tips:

Fitting Clothes

When it comes to clothes, there is always one aspect that you need to bear in mind: FIT. All the apparel that you choose to either buy or rent should fit you well. They should neither be loose nor too tight. Before shopping for winter clothes this year, ensure you have your body measurements right so that you do not engage in any guesswork. Some fashion stores have sale terms that are rigid hence you need to get the first purchase right.

Master the Layering Skill

As opposed to the thoughts of many people, layering is not only an aspect that is applicable over winter but literally every season. Layering enables you to dress smartly and stylish at all times. Contrary to summer where layering consists of thinner and fewer fabrics, winter is the exact opposite. The base layers should be light in weight while the layers of the outer garments should be thick. To shade more light on the aspect of layering, below are some tips to help you.

First Layer: Thermal Clothing

Thermal pieces are a great wear for winter seasons especially in regions where temperatures hit sub-zero and snow falls heavily. Modern technology has resulted into the production of thermal fabrics that in addition to keeping you warm help to wick moisture away. Natural fabrics are the best when it comes to the base layers. Fibers such as cotton and silk are excellent in wicking moisture compared to their synthetic counterparts. Depending on the area that you live, the base layer apparel may change. If you live in less cold regions, a long sleeved tee or cotton Henley may fit you well.

Second Layering: Warm Stylish Clothing

This layer is immediately beneath your coat or jacket. It therefore needs to be stylish and fitting to your physique. Fine knits are appropriate because they effectively downplay your size making you appear less bulky as opposed to versions such as the cable-knit which are chunky and overly exaggerate your size. Seasonal designs such as Fair Isle prints and Nordic and trendy fashions such as animal print, blend well and give the second layer a sense of fashion and design. Dark colors are recommended as they portray a slim size. Mix varieties of dark shades like midnight blue, navy, burgundy, dark gray and chocolate brown, without dwelling too much on black.

Third Layer: The Ultimate Outerwear

This is what is visible to the people around you. Coats and jackets make a good match for this outer layer. Avoid puffer jackets because they make you appear huge in size. Getting coats with a belt will enhance your silhouette. For blazers and jackets, try investing in those with narrower lapels to help elongate your neckline. Outwear that measures up to your hips can be a great complement for your physique.

As you prepare for winter therefore remember that style and fashion can still be achieved with simple apparel and designs. You just need to master the art of layering and put it into practice. It can be a great tip to help you sail over winter.

Rose is a fashion blogger and article writer who writes for a number of blogs in the fashion industry. She also plays an editorial role in many fashion publications.

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