Authenticating Designer Sunglasses

A pair of designer sunglasses is a statement. It’s a statement about you and how much you care about how you appear to other people. It’s created a rampant black market and a pair of fakes can destroy your image and make you look like a fool. If you haven’t bought your sunglasses from the designer’s official boutique, you need to check if they’re the real deal or a cheap knock-off.

Whilst sunglasses all have different nuances which can mark out a fake from the real thing, here are a few guidelines for what you should look for.

The Case

Designer sunglasses are about proper presentation. It’s not just about how they happen to look on your face. Any good designer knows they need a case which adds a certain amount of prestige. The first warning sign is if your glasses didn’t come with a case.

On an average designer case you can expect to see a few things:

  • The logo of the brand or the designer.
  • Cushioning inside to protect the glasses from harm.
  • A small piece of cleaning fabric. This will be light, soft, and luxurious.

Now, if you’ve bought some second hand designer sunglasses it might not have the case. It doesn’t immediately mean it’s fake, but it’s a sign you should check things out.

The Documentation

If you buy your glasses from a boutique you’ll receive a warranty card which allows you to get a new pair if they break and a document of authenticity. It basically says these glasses are real and not knock-offs

Brands started introducing documentation to cope with the rise in black market sunglasses. It makes authentic products relatively easy to spot. If you’re buying second hand make sure they still have the correct documentation. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them if they don’t have documentation, but you need to be wary and you do so at your own risk.

Logos and Markings

The logo of the brand usually appears somewhere on the glasses. The arm is the most popular place. Run your finger over the glasses and see if it’s been imprinted into the material. Imprints are difficult to perform without the right equipment, so it stops many fraudsters from faking the glasses.

If the logo is actually a sticker or they appear to have been painted on the chances are they’re fakes.

You should look for any serial numbers on the inside of the arm. You can use these as reference numbers. With more exclusive models, each pair of glasses might even have its own unique serial number. Check this number before handing over your money.

The Construction

What separates a pair of designer sunglasses from a cheap pair of sunglasses is the construction. Flimsy hinges and loose fittings are signs of poor construction. Whilst this is standard practice for standard glasses, designer ones will feel sturdy and rigid. Hold them in your hands and feel them. Do they give way easily to your touch, or do they stick to your face with ease?

It helps if you’ve handled a pair of real designer sunglasses before, though!

The writer, Kelly Parker, is a serial blogger. She writes articles on a myriad of topics including fashion, technology, business, SEO and more. She recommends ebay Oakley sunglasses to people who are trying to make fashion statement and look stylish.

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