A Brief History of Designer Jeans

If you asked Levi Strauss (way back in 1853) if one day his company would be creating designer jeans he likely have said, “Son, you’ve been out in the sun too long”. What began 150 years ago, as a business to create a tough and durable pair of pants has developed into an industry that stretches across the planet. And whether you’re interested in straight set of jeans (blue, white or black) or a pair of designer jeans, your choices and the associated prices cover the spectrum.

Since we’ve mentioned Mr. Strauss, let’s begin with his company. “Levi Strauss” began as a company creating a pair of rugged pants for California miners and has evolved into a megalith trading on the stock exchange. Most recently introducing the Levi Capital E jean, these jeans are hand sewn and can take as many as 30 craftsmen from start to finish. They come with an accompanying high price of around $500, it is said that no two pair are exactly alike.

A popular brand called “7 For All Mankind” has garnered a reputation for high quality and exceptional cut, some claiming the mere wearing of said jeans causing them to look and feel thinner.. They come in a variety of colors, weaves and styles, with the top of the line pair weighing in around $1,000.

For those with discriminating taste and a budget to match, let’s turn our gaze toward “Ernest Sewn” (product sewn in earnest), who will craft a set of jeans made specifically to your personal measurements. These designers are crafted from fine hand-dyed demin, sold with your choice of rivet material and watched over by three skilled craftspeople during each stage of the process. It is said no two pair are ever alike and each pair is hand signed demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Expect to pay $1,000 +/- for these designers.

Wanna be a rockstar? Then turn your attention to “Roberto Cavalli“, offering premium denim with an assortment of embedded jewels. These are worn by the fashion elite and A-list celebrities (Jennifer Lopez – Sex in the City) who don’t bat an eye at the $1,200 price tag. You’ll find these sparkling designers at high-end stores (be sure and bring your platinum Visa card).

“Dolce & Gabbana” is a established name in the fashion industry and when they decided to grab their fair market share, they hit the ground running. Their unique touch is an embroidered butterfly, gold D&G logo centered artistically on a back pocket leather patch. No one seems to mind the $1,200 price tag and their site say there’s a waiting list worldwide.

“APO Jeans” are a pair you won’t find on discount shelves, they come adored with gold, silver or platinum rivets (or real diamonds if you happen to own an oil well or two). You won’t feel like you’re wearing demin when you reach into your silk lined pockets, but then you shouldn’t when you pay $4,000 a pair. These designers come with a written appraisal from an upscale New York jeweler.

“Gucci” is a name which echoes across fashion circles, in this case they’re whispering about a pair of torn jeans. Specially torn, artistically torn, torn by designers (only they could possibly know where to put those rips) to give the appearance of being old and worn. If Gucci stopped there, he’d be competing with thrift stores across America, but of course he didn’t; each pair is then covered with African beading, feather and buttons (this pair was mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records). Platinum Visa time again… price tag $4,000.

When you wear a pair of “Escada” jeans, money isn’t your concern, and you’re likely not concerned about what others think. These (for a fully buffed out pair) top the scale at $10,000 (for a pair of jeans? Yep) and their claim to fame is the buyer can select any detail, any styling, and they are made to order, price dependent on the level of trimmings.

Marilyn Monroe might have worn “Secret Circus”, a company that has garnered the dubious honor of creating THE most expensive pair of jeans. These designer jeans are truly fit for a queen including an array of high-quality diamonds. I’m not sure who’ll be doing the laundry, but I trust they’re bonded. The first pair of Secret Circus designer jeans sold for (so reports say) $1.3 million.


It is certainly a long way from the days of Levi Strauss and the California Gold Mines. Today it seems there’s more money in designer jeans than anything but the richest gold mine, pickup a pair of mens designer jeans from one of the many online fashion stores.

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