Charity Gifts that are fun for kids

I’ve made a decision this year to not get caught up in the Christmas madness, and that crazed situation of running round London’s west-end looking for a serious range of Xmas gifts that probably is going to be way off the mark, because many relatives I only see once a year!

So, I was very pleased to find a charity website that is going to take the pain out of my Christmas shopping.

Udopt is a unique website as it can match a charitable gift with their animal alter-ego!! What that means in practice is accessing what they call the udopt’r which is an online app that asks a series of questions about the person you are buying for.  At the end of the questioning process (I think I counted 3 in all) you are given a choice of three animals that tie-in with answers that have been given in the udopt’r. You can then read more about animal and go on to make an animal adoption.


Answer questions to be matched with your animal alter-ego!

Every year I struggle to find presents and this is certainly the easiest way – I don’t even have to leave my house! – I’ve seen. What’s more, who can raise a voice against a charity gift. You’d have to be a scrooge if you did!

Take a look at udopt if you’re struggling for Christmas gift ideas this year.


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