The Golden Rules of Perfume Buying

A person’s sense of smell can be an extremely powerful thing. No doubt, you will have experienced a time when, upon inhaling a certain smell, you’ve remembered a notable event in your life, been taken back to a different time or even just been strongly reminded of another person. Our sense of smell is strongly linked to our emotions, which is why it’s important to smell nice.

However, with each year that goes by, more and more fragrances are released onto the market and we cannot buy (or even logistically wear) every single one. So, how do we choose and ensure we’ve made the right choice? This becomes even more of an issue when trying to choose a perfume for someone else as a gift.

The following three golden rules will, hopefully, help you make a suitable choice:

  1. If you like it…
    you buy it. This is the very first of the golden rules when it comes to buying perfume. Never let yourself be swayed into buying something you’re not sure of simply because a friend, family member or even the sales assistant, has told you to do so. Like many things in this world, scent is extremely subjective, so if you like it and someone else doesn’t, that’s totally normal and shouldn’t mean you miss out and don’t get to enjoy it.
  2. Take your time…
    People often don’t spend enough time when it comes to choosing their fragrances. They simply rush into the shop, spray it, decide whether they like it and then buy it. If you are guilty of doing this, you probably also know how much a scent can change from the way it smelt in the shop, to the way it smells at home.
    There are many reasons for this, such as there being other scents in the air in the shop, which alters the way the perfume you have tried out smells and not giving the scent time to develop after spraying it. The scent can even be affected by your body temperature and the other scents you are wearing at the time.
    The second golden rule is therefore to make sure the perfume you’re trying out has enough time to develop so you get the very best idea of what it really smells like. You need to spray it on your body and then leave the fragrance shop for a while. This will allow the scent to develop and take you away from the numerous other smells in the shop.
  3. Make an effort to learn about how fragrances are created.
    Perfume buying can be a very serious activity, especially if you find that you tend to choose the wrong type of perfumes quite a lot. If you are serious about following the golden rules of perfume buying then you need to make a real effort to learn about and therefore understand the manner in which fragrances are made up and how they affect our sense of smell.

For instance, learning about notes is the first step. Perfumes are all made up of notes, beginning with the top notes, which are generally the first scents you really notice. These tend to fade after about ten minutes of the perfume being applied. Then the middle notes start to present themselves. These really make up the body of the perfume and so are also known as heart notes. They tend to last a few hours. Finally, we have the base notes, which last longest and are the building block onto which all the other perfume notes are added.

There is a lot more to buying perfume than most people think, especially if you want to get it just right. Following the three golden rules detailed above will most certainly help you understand the art of buying the right perfume a lot better, just in time for the present-buying season!

Laura writes for Click Fragrance. When not writing, she can often be found trying to get others to follow the Golden Rules of perfume buying.

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